The TRUTH about American Made

Greetings all fellow moonshine readers!

Today we will be examining the real cold hard truth behind buying American products. Why you should or maybe why you shouldn't.

To start off lets address the elephant in the room. Quick question, who in the world is United States single biggest trading partner?

Answer- You guessed it, China.

Now lets examine exactly why this is, now there is one reason and one reason alone for this. Money. Importing from China is cheap! Lets face it, in Guangdong, their biggest exporting region, with the highest payout of minimum hourly wage comes out to a sweltering 3.045 bucks an hour American, or 20.3 renminbi (RMB)! Imagine some of the other regions and how little it might cost to produce and export goods.

Now take a second to compare this with the national minumum wage here in the USA, 7.25 per hour. And there are many states which have much higher minimum wages than even that! Our very lowest is more than double their highest wage. It's clearly no wonder why many corporations choose to outsource to China. 

But at what cost? The cost is quality. With less strict quality laws, environmental regulations, and different standards its easy to see why so many Chinese made goods are far inferior. We all know it, but what can we do about it?

The answer lies in not supporting it. By buying Made In USA or even certain European countries you are directly helping to put less money into the pockets of greedy Chinese corporations that sell crappy goods for insane profits. It sounds easier than it is, I know, how can anyone resist ordering a t-shirt online that was secretly only made for 15 cents and sells for $19.99, but when you look at the other options it seems like every other t shirt of quality costs 30 dollars and up.

But are all goods created equal? A Chinese made t-shirt vs American is one thing, but something as large, expensive, and formidable as a copper moonshine still is something else entirely. Its a simple matter of safety.

When it comes to matters of safety, cutting corners is really not an option. That's one reason why I for one, buy Made In America.

How do you support American made? Leave a comment below and help support Made In USA!

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